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Yoshi's Island + Final Bosses

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why can’t Iggy and Azalea Banks get along :(

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In case anyone is interested in having a chat

I’m bored.

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Anonymous asked: Do you feel special? Because I have a feeling you do



Do you know what this thing is for? This tumblr?

As I see the little numbers tick up - the followers, the notes - do you know what it does? Maybe it gives me a happy little glow, you know. A little sparkle in my air. Maybe it feeds my hungry hungry narcissism. Maybe I’m just a tumblr slut.

But that’s not true. It isn’t. Do you know what I actually want to feel?

I want to feel special.

I want this thing to make me feel wanted.

I want to feel more beautiful than the person who rejected me.

And do you want to know a secret? Do you want to know what turning myself into a sexual object, into a picture, into someone lusted over achieves? Do you want to know what this thing really does?

This thing doesn’t do shit.

Special little snowflake, indeed.

I don’t know why this message touches me so much, but it makes me feel all weird.

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that moment when you’re talking to a boy and he says ‘uh are you trying to hint at something’ and you realize you’ve been absentmindedly holding his hard dick for the past fifteen minutes

true life stories 

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The Great British Bake Off Innuendo

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What is this from? D:

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1:i'd bang you against a wall
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